Regular Courses

Course Type
General Mandarin 

General Mandarin is the course for students who want to study Mandarin systematically. Students will be trained skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The textbooks involve almost all topics in Chinese daily life including basic business expressions, social dialogues. Students will be studying step by step.

After finishing 20 hours study, students will be able to make daily communications in workplace and life.

New Practical Chinese

BOYA Hanyu

Hanyu Jiaocheng

Short-Term Spoken Chinese

Supplementary materials     edited by teachers

Survival Mandarin

Survival Mandarin is for students who are interested in learning daily Chinese in a comparatively short time.

Students will be exposed to frequently used expressions and pick up the easiest way of speaking mandarin.

Survival Chinese

Conversational Chinese 301

Business Mandarin

Business Mandarin is designed for students who need chinese business background. The course will help students communicate with their chinese co-workers in the workplaces and do well in a chinese job interview.

New Silk Road Business Chinese

Business Chinese

Supplementary materials   edited by teachers

HSK Exam Preparation

The course is designed for students with different Chinese levels. The students will focus on skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course will prepare those students for HSK exams.

HSK Test Syllabus

Materials edited by BeiJing University and Beijing Language University

Corporate Mandarin Training

The course is an office-visit training course for companies. This customized training program is the ideal way to improve staff's Chinese skills.

Business Chinese

Boya Hanyu

Tutoring Course

This type of course is customized for students who want to take lessons after school to catch up class or to improve faster.

Textbooks being used in university

Materials edited by teachers


Private Class (1 student)

Prepaid Hours

Hourly Cost


1—15 hours

100 RMB/hour

according to students’ requirements

16—30 hours

95 RMB/hour

More than 31hours

90 RMB/hour

 Group Class  ( 2-5 studens )

Prepaid Hours

Hourly Cost


1—15 hours

80 RMB/hour

according tostudents’ requirements

More than 16 hours

70 RMB/hour



1. The fee needs to be prepaid.
2. No refund.If you miss some courses,you can make up during your stay.
3. We understand that you may need to be out of Chengdu or cancel class sometimes, so if you need to reschedule or cancel the class, please notice us at least 2 hours in advance.