What is TCFL

TCFL(teaching chinese as a foreign language) is a subject specialized in reserch about Chinese language teaching and acquisition. TCFL major learners are required to understand knowledges of main linguistic theory, lexicology, syntactics, second language teaching theory, pedagogic psychology, comparison of Chinese and foreign languages, Chinese grammar, Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese literature, English or other more foreign languages, language teaching methods and so on. Besides, the TCFL majors are all have at least 200 hours teaching practice before they graduate from college.

There are many key universities offer TCFL subject to postgraduate students. The top ten are: Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing University, Najing University, Shanghai Fudan Zhongshan University, Guangdong Zhongshan University, East China Normal University, Sichuan University, Nanjing University, Shandong University, Beijing Normal University.Only 20 universities in China are qualified to give the Ph.D course of this major, and Sichuan University is one of them.

After 3 or more years professional training, TCFL graduates can be the most competent Chinese teachers.

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