Convenient Location

Mandarin Club is located right close to Exit B of Tongzilin Metro Station between 2nd and 3rd Ring Road. It's 5km away from Tianfu Square, the center of Chengdu.

Flexible Schedule

We provide the most effective individualized teaching service to our learners. Every course is tailored and designed according to the specific learning purpose and situation of every single learner.

Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching methodology is centered on the basic steps called 5E:

1. Evaluate: to give scientific assessments to students to evaluate the suitable level and course plan;

2. Engage: to give the language knowledge and context to make students engaged in Mandarin speaking environment;

3. Explain: to give logical and systematic explanation to make students acquire Mandarin easily and quickly;

4. Exercise: to give enough opportunity and instruction to make students improve language skills;

5. Experience: to help students with their Mandarin skills in a practical way.

Various Study Materials

We choose the most effective, practical and popular textbooks, such as New Practical Chinese Textbooks, Road to Success, Short-Term Spoken Chinese and the exclusive material Survival Chinese edited by our team.

Professional Teaching Team

Mandarin Club is the only private school with all the master’s degree holders in TCFL (teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language). Our well-educated and professional teachers can help you learn Mandarin in the most effective way. They have experience in teaching overseas students in local universities like Sichuan University and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.