Top quality language teaching demands first-tier professional teachers. All of our teachers have received professional and systematic training in the major of "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language."
    Our students, all of whom are interested in learning Mandarin and Chinese culture. come from different countries. How do they feel of the study experience in Mandarin Club?  Listen to them...

I came to China having studied Chinese for two years at University but my Chinese has improved more in the last five months of study at MandarinClub than during my entire time at University. The teachers are fantastic and prepare lessons tailored to one's individual needs, the end result which are dramatically improved Chinese language skills. I'm very happy I chose MandarinClub!
                                                                                       Zach Koch 柯岩 USA

The MandarinClub is an excellent training school for learning Chinese. The biggest problem of learning Chinese is finding a teacher who knows how to teach it. Many times I have had to teach other tutors how to teach me, but after a busy day of teaching English, the last thing I want to do is teach my teacher how to teach me. So I found it so refreshing to come to MandarinClub,sit down, and work with experienced, qualified teachers who've helped me progress very quickly in one month.
                                                                                        Tiffany   USA

I cycled all the way down to China from Germany to learn Chinese language in this lovely school "MandarinCLub". I came just with my bicycle and didn't have any shelter or Chinese language knowledge. After 2 hours MandarinClub arranged a very nice flat in city center,after only 10 days intensive class I am already able to have basic conversation.The staff is really friendly and very professional.Best place to study Chinese.
                                                                Joachim  www.bike-ambassador.com

In just the month and a half I've been studying at MandarinClub, I've been amazed at the progress I've made. When I arrived, I could barely speak and couldn't understand at all, but now I find myself using and hearing the words and I've learned all the time in my daily life. I will be sad to leave MandarinClub and my fantastic teachers when I leave Chengdu.
                                                                                 Jim  California, USA

I like to study here. I have been learned Mandarin for 3 years before, and now the teacher is helping me to improve. Before I can speak, and now I can write more. But, I have to go back to Korea to join the army next month. I had a short time in MandarinClub, however, I love here and I will miss here. 
                                                              Yinshengxuan (Korea)


I am happy to study here. The teacher is enthusiastic and conscientious. Maybe I could teach her math,then she will become a super perfect teacher.Moreover, the environment is very good. I believe my mandarin will improve a lot. Thanks!



MandarinClub provides an excellent environment for learning Chinese. The quality of teaching is very high. My teacher is very experienced and has a good understanding of how to introduce foreign students to Chinese.
                                                                              Simon (Australia)


 Coming to Chengdu has been great so far. Cecilia has been a great  laoshi! She's been encouraging me and is very patient! Step by step I'm learning this incredible difficult langauge.Thank you MandarinClub!       
                                                                                      Stephanie (Holland)                                                                                                                                       


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