Q1: Can I have a trial lesson before I book my course?

We offer a trial lesson for about one hour. You are prefered to tell us your Mandarin level and your study plan before the arrangement of the trial lesson.

Q2: What do I need to do before the enrollment?

We would like to know your Mandarin level and your study aims or requirement so as to make the suitable teaching plan for you. After the discussion of course schedule and textbook, please send us the enrollment form.

Q3: Can you help me get student visa?

Sorry, we cannot but local universities can help. What we can help is to help you get F visa with 2 entires.

Q4: Can you send a Mandarin teacher to my office or appartment?

Yes, we can. The teacher can be teaching you in your office or apartment. We are now offering lessons to many consulates and well-known business enterprises such as French and Germen consulate Chengdu, IBM, Shell, Volkswagen etc.

Q5: What is the difference between Mandarin Club and other training centers or private language schools?

We are a language training center specializing in teaching Mandarin to foreigners; not a branch of a English or other language training center. We focus on giving qualified and professional language and culture teaching.

We have absolutely professional and well-trained teachers. Our teachers all hold the master's degree, experienced in Mandarin teaching for more than 2 yearsl. Most of our teachers have teaching experiences in universities. You can enjoy the teaching just the same as in universities with flexible schedules.

We make tailored study plan for every student according to the different study requirements.

We provide affordable and luxurious accommodation that can save you from finding appartments in a new city.

Q6: What is the most popular course in your school?

There are actually some courses popular in our schoo - survival Chinese, short-term immersive course and outdoor activity course.

Survival Chinese is designed for the students with zero Mandarin level who want to study Mandarin during their short stay in Chengdu. Students will be using the study material edited by our teachers.

Short-term immersive course is very popular normally in summer. Students with some Mandarin level want to improve quickly are welcome to book the course.

Outdoor activity course are the best choice for businessman or tourists who are interested in use their Mandarin in Chengdu local life. They can pick up the easiest Mandarin and enjoy their city tour.